About Me

Welcome to my blog xx 

Ever since I was little, I have always had a strong passion for all things fashion and beauty related. I have also always had an interest in IT so I thought it would make sense to start a fashion and lifestyle blog. Starting a blog is something that I have always wanted to do but have never had the courage to do it as I was scared to fail. After months of contemplating whether or not I should do it, I finally decided to bite the bullet and follow my heart.

I am so excited and cannot wait to bring fun and exciting content to this blog. Fashion is honestly something that I really do feel passionate about. My friends and family are probably sick to death of me going on and on about shoes, handbags and makeup so I decided it was time to share my interests with the rest of the world and give them inspiration and advice along the way.

I am just a girl with a passion for fashion, love for makeup, an extremely large appetite and an obsession with dogs.